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    Full Time
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    96 Meridian Ave
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    3 Years
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    Jan 14, 2018
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    Sep 14, 2017
Job Description

Imam Position at the Islamic Society of Greenville (ISG)

About the Greenville Community
The Islamic Society of Greenville (ISG) is a small size Muslim community located in Greenville, South Carolina, about 150 miles to the north of Atlanta, Georgia. There are about 1000 Muslims that attend the Eid prayer and 400 Muslims that attend the weekly Friday prayer. ISG is blessed with full time Islamic schools, both elementary and middle schools. A weekend school, a Quran school, and a few regular Halaqas take place on a weekly basis. In addition, a very active sister’s committee, a community revival group, and several youth organizations keep the community involved and active.

Position Summary
The Islamic Society of Greenville has an immediate full-time opening for the position of Imam. The Imam will be expected to provide religious guidance to Islamic faith and practices, and needed religious leadership to the congregation in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him). As a very important responsibility, the Imam will be expected to establish and promote educational and extracurricular programs for adults and youth. The Imam will promote and practice the idea of a united Muslim community while welcoming all Muslims from different backgrounds and cultures. The Imam will also participate in Dawah practices to promote friendship and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims in the local community. The Imam shall have good computer skills, including computer based presentations, and be willing and able to use e-mails and social media to connect and communicate effectively with the community. The Imam will be reporting to the ISG Executive Committee.

The following are the detailed responsibilities and duties of the Imam:
 Lead the five daily prayers at the Masjid
Deliver Friday and Eid Khutbahs
 Lead the Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan
 Give Islamic lectures to the community on a regular basis
 Conduct regular Qur’an learning classes for children in the community
 Conduct and/or be available as a resource for educational, Dawah, and youth programs ? Conduct funeral services
 Provide general counseling and guidance services as needed
 Provide help with resolving disputes and reconciliation as needed
 Provide marriage counseling services
 Participate in the community activities that improve interfaith and public relations
 Support ISG Executive Committee with fundraising programs for the community as needed
 Cooperate with the ISG Executive Committee (EC) to execute its decisions and policies 

General Duties and Expectations
The Imam is expected to:
? Work approximately 40 hours per week.
? Act as a role model for the entire community and show leadership skills
? Maintain regular and convenient office hours at the Masjid in order to be available to members of the community for consultation and guidance
? Interact with all persons and organizations, Muslim and non-Muslim, in a manner that reflects positively on ISG community.
? Conduct himself at all times in ways that foster unity and a sense of inclusion among all members of the local Muslim community and promote broad participation in the community activities
? Adhere to the bylaws of ISG

 Required Qualifications
? Degree in Islamic Studies from an accredited university.
? Memorize the whole Qur’an (preferred).
? Mastery of Tajweed rules.
? Minimum 3 years of practical experience as an Imam.
? Ability to interact with and relate to youth.
? Ability to work with people of different cultures and backgrounds.
? Ability to teach.
? Demonstrated experience in unifying the community and resolving conflicts
? Demonstrated experience in Islamic family and youth counseling.
? Has a pleasing personality and is a motivational speaker.
? Experience in speaking with Non-Muslims about Islam.
? Adequate knowledge of Fiqh to teach, including awareness of the differences of opinions and practices among different schools of Fiqh.
? Adequate knowledge of the Seerah of the Prophet (PBU)
? Acquainted with hadith and its collection and usage.
? Trained and have experience in delivering the Friday Khutbah ? Fluent in English with excellent communication skills (both spoken and written)
? Adequate knowledge of the Arabic language (spoken and written)
? E-verify to work in the

U.S. Salary and Benefits
Compensation will be commensurate with education and experience

How to Apply
Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter, resume, and three references with phone numbers to [email protected] selected candidates for an interview will be contacted. 

Skills Required

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